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Works of art in public spaces in Mission Bay. © O. Soulard IAU îdF

Mission Bay is a recent and ambitious campus-cluster development. Planned in the city centre, it contrasts with the majority of American clusters in outlying areas, beginning with its illustrious neighbour, Silicon Valley, and places San Francisco at the forefront of an economic revival based on multiple small businesses in line with the municipality’s economic priorities. This Note rapide supplements the Science Cities series of case studies. Read more

The Portland aerial tram © Laurent Perrin IAU îdF

Portland, the economic capital of Oregon, is only the 24th biggest US metropolis in terms of population, but it is one of the most progressive in urban planning terms. It is, in fact, something of a laboratory for the development of sustainable urban planning policies. Decade after decade, Portland has demonstrated that it is able to renew itself through dialogue between its regional players, by offering a different urban model for North America. This Note rapide supplements the Science Cities series of case studies. Read more

Digital Media City in Seoul © Odile Soulard, IAU îdF

The IAU île-de-France has published a series of studies entitled Science Cities which focuse on the concrete and innovative planning of university or R&D campuses and the development of economic and technological clusters in foreign metropolises. The first case studies are devoted to the clusters and campuses of the Zurich, Helsinki, Singapore and Seoul metropolises. Read more

4 April - 12 July 2014, Lieu du Design, Paris

In thirty years, nearly thirty French cities and agglomerations have integrated a tram network, which has radically transformed their urban space and significantly improved the quality of life of their inhabitants. Lieu du Design, in partnership with IAU île-de-France, has decided to highlight this «French tram school» and reveal the important role of design in the great revival of this user-friendly, reliable, comfortable and popular mode of transportation. Read more


Backed by its experience in the Ile-de-France region, IAU île-de-France has also become progressively a leading expert abroad in the field of urban and metropolitan development and management.

Projects and reports

The IAU îdF international activities include short-term consultancies, participations into multi-disciplinary studies and the management of some major projects. Beside the publications on sale in english, most of the technical reports are available at the Media Library.

The IAU îdF always encouraged networking and partnership. From skills and experiences exchange arose a reflection resulting in action and projects. For several years the network was widened to foreign partners of the metropolises.


Land use map inventory of the commune in a nomenclature of 21 key elements.

Colour digital orthophotography (National Geographic Institute, aerial photographic cover of summer 2003).

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The French government endorsed the regional development scheme for Ile-de-France

The SDRIF, a long-term strategic planning document developed by the Regional Council received final approval on the 27th of December, 2013. It sketches out the future portrait of the Ile de France area looking forward to 2030.

Map of General Destination of the Different Parts of the Territories

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