IAU île-de-France is increasingly involved in a large number of networks and partnerships – from technical information services and steering committees to scientific organisations and evaluation or consultative bodies. IAU île-de-France also coordinates or supports clubs and associations which provide forums for discussion and analysis: association of developers, of priority urban zones, themed groups run by the Fédération Nationale des Agences d’Urbanisme. At European level, IAU île-de-France is involved in various programmes and projects (Interreg, Urbact, EuCO2) and also in a large number of networks, particularly Metropolis, Metrex and ARC and many more. These European networks are a key advantage when it comes to undertaking comparative analysis on major projects, mobility, indicators, economic strategies and housing. For several years IAU île-de-France has also been exporting its expertise on a significant scale initially within the Mediterranean area, in Africa and in Latin America, and then increasingly in the Middle East, China and Asia.

Municipalities and institutions

PARIS (75)
Paris General Council
Seine-et-Marne General Council
Yvelines General Council
Essonne General Council
Val-de-Marne General Council
Seine-Saint-Denis General Council
Val-d'Oise General Council
CCIP -Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry-
COFHUAT -International Federation for Housing and Planning-
FNAU -The National Federation of the Public Urban Planning Agencies-
INSEE -National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies-
Métropole du Grand Paris
PRE -Paris Region Entreprises-
STIF -Paris Region Transport Organization Authority-
Atelier international du Grand Paris
Société du Grand Paris


INTA -International Urban Development Association-
METROPOLIS -World Association of the Major Metropolises-
World Urban Campaign (WUC)
World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF)
Airport Regions Conference (ARC)
EuroMETREX - the network of European Metropolitan Regions & Areas