IAU île-de-France is increasingly involved in a large number of networks and partnerships – from technical information services and steering committees to scientific organisations and evaluation or consultative bodies. IAU île-de-France also coordinates or supports clubs and associations which provide forums for discussion and analysis: association of developers, of priority urban zones, themed groups run by the Fédération Nationale des Agences d’Urbanisme. At European level, IAU île-de-France is involved in various programmes and projects (Interreg, Urbact, EuCO2) and also in a large number of networks, particularly Metropolis, Metrex and ARC and many more. These European networks are a key advantage when it comes to undertaking comparative analysis on major projects, mobility, indicators, economic strategies and housing. For several years IAU île-de-France has also been exporting its expertise on a significant scale initially within the Mediterranean area, in Africa and in Latin America, and then increasingly in the Middle East, China and Asia.