The IAU île-de-France broadens its scope of activities

The Paris Region Urban and Environmental Agency (IAU île-de-France) becomes the biggest regional environmental agency in France. Since August 1st, the IAU île-de-France has integrated three associate organizations of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, which become departments of the Institute:

  • ARENE (The Paris Region Agency for the Environment and New Energies), strengthens the Institute's competences on energy and climate issues,
  • Natureparif will become the ARB (Regional Biodiversity Agency),
  • ORDIF (Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory) complements the Institute's know-how in terms of waste and circular economy.

The IAU île-de-France broadens its scope of activities and becomes the largest regional environmental agency in France, and the first urban planning agency in Europe. Already working jointly on numerous projects the 50 experts of Natureparif, Arene and Ordif will move in at the 15 rue Falguière (IAU headquarters) by the end of this year. These 230 experts will be able to accompany the ecological transition of the Ile-de-France region at all levels of the territory in order to shape the ecofriendly and sustainable metropolis of tomorrow.
Fouad Awada, chief executive officer of the IAU île-de-France, welcomes this merger which not only makes the Institute "the first regional environmental agency of this scope, but offers the opportunity for substantial savings by pooling work and resources".

The new organization chart

The management team