Paris Ile-de-France Regional Center of Metropolis


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Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI)

The MITI is the training and learning center of Metropolis established in 1996. Its primary mission is to strengthen through training the institutional and professional capacities of local and metropolitan authorities in order to better ensure public governance.
Located in Seoul since 2012, the Metropolis association currently includes four regional centers: Cairo, Mashhad, Mexico City and Paris (Île-de-France). These centers organize every year various sessions designed to all Metropolis member cities and its institutional partners with the aim at developing the exchange of skills and experience in order to foster reflections on urban spaces.

Paris Ile-de-France Regional Center of Metropolis (EMRC)

The EMRC is hosted by IAU îdF and the president is Mr. Jean-Paul Huchon.
The regional center will hold training session from 22 to 25 June 2015 on the theme "Adaptability and resilience of the metropolis to climate change and natural disaster" (programme and pre-registration).


Metropolis, World Association of the Major Metropolises, is the leading international organization that gathers cities and metropolitan regions with more than a million inhabitants.

Created in 1985, the Metropolis Association is represented by more than 120 members from across the world and operates as an international forum for exploring issues and concerns common to all big cities and metropolitan regions.
Metropolis also manages the Metropolitan Section of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). Metropolis has had the mission of accompanying cities in mutual learning, innovation, governance, technical and financial assistance, international presence and debate.
 Mr Jean-Paul Huchon, President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council, is the president of Metropolis. 

IAU île-de-France

The IAU was established as a public interest organization on 2 August 1960. Since 1982, it has become an associated body of the Regional Council, as part of the strategy of decentralization. IAU îdF has been in charge to oversee planning and development policies for all sectors, to identify key challenges at all levels, from local to regional, and to explore the potential of future developments.
IAU îdF has been exporting its expertise worldwide for more than forty years. Its experts have undertaken more than 350 international assignments within the Mediterranean area, in Africa, Latin America, in the Middle East and in Asia.