New perspectives for European metropolises?

Cross analysis around Ile-de-France

30 September 2011

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During a whole day of brainstorming session organised by the Ile-de-France Spatial Planning Institute and the Ile-de-France Representation to the EU, well known European experts and practitioners debated with European institutions’ representatives about the development trends and perspectives of big metropolises, the local driving forces in action and the governance contributions. Dynamics at work in Ile-de-France and in the Paris Basin territory were questioned in the light of other European experiences and studies conducted at the EU level.

Foreword by François Dugeny, IAU île-de-France Chief Executive Officer

Welcome address by Françoise Chotard, Director Île-de-France Europe, Brussels

Introduction by Vincent Fouchier, Deputy Chief Executive Officer IAU île-de-France

Conclusion by Vincent Fouchier

Trends And Development


Metropolitan trends and scenarios by Lewis Dijsktra, Deputy Head of the Analysis Unit, Directorate-General for Regional Policy, European Commission

Metropolitan regions in Europe by Karl Peter Schön, Head of the European Spatial and Urban, Development Unit within the German Federal, Office for Building and Regional Planning, Bonn

Development trends in large European metropolitan areas by Joost Van Iersel, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, Chair of the Europe 2020 Steering Committee




Local economic drivers in European mega-regions by Jeremy Smith, Director Advocacy International, Former Secretary, General of CEMR

Mobility in Europe: choosing the right regional models by Nadine Cattan, Research Director CNRS, Director of UMR Géographie-cités


Benchmarking performances between European metropolises by Christian Vandermotten, Former President of IGEAT, Brussels




The driving forces behind macro-regions by Peter Mehlbye, Director of the Coordination Unit, ESPON Programme

Macro regions in Europe, the Ile-de-France, a fluid region by Kathy Pain, Professor, Director of Research, University of Reading, Associate Director, Globalisation and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network

Metropolises and urban systems in Europe and France by Philippe Matheron, Head of the Mission on Metropolises, Interministerial delegation for land planning and regional attractiveness (DATAR), Paris




The benefits of governance by Lamia Kamal Chaoui, Head of the Urban Development Programme, OECD

Different approaches to governance and best practices by Ivan Tosics, Institute of Metropolitan Research, Budapest, Hungary

Conclusions of the Eurocities’ working group
on governance in metropolitan areas by Thierry Baert, Director of Development and Urbanism, Metropolitan Lille Urban Development & Planning Agency