Hack Data Weekend Île-de-France 2030

01 April 2013

Ile-de-France Hack Weekend live on Twitter

IAU île-de-France held its first hack weekend which drew upon data and documents that make up the Regional Development Scheme for Ile-de-France (the so-called 'SDRIF') over two days at its premises.

The purpose of this venue was to enhance, all or part of the masterplan, in an open and creative approach as well as anticipating and prefiguring the future regional open data platform.

This event organized by the Regional Council with the support of La Fonderie and IAU île-de-France was part of a process which had begun with the participatory initiatives to elaborate the region's spatial development plan, and built on a distinctly innovative framework which helps the Ile-de-France residents hold a share picture of the Ile-de-France masterplan and become stakeholders of the project.

48 hours to reshape the future of Ile-de-France

This hackathon brought together 50 participants with various backgrounds. They were divided into 10 teams of 4 or 5 people and actively contributed in the setting up of a project and turned the idea into web application prototypes within 48 hours.

A group of mentors, experts in their field accompanied the teams, provided advice and helped overcome any difficulties the participants might have encountered. At the end of this two-day session, each team made a presentation of their hack to the audience and the reward board who, after deliberation, awarded prizes to the three best projects.

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