What Large Scale Urban Projects in Paris Region?

31 December 2007


Paul Lecroart

© Paul Lecroart, IAU îdF

International conference, November 22-23, 2007

Large-scale development projects have transformed the Paris region, from Haussmann's Paris to the new towns, from La Défense to Paris Rive Gauche redevelopment and the Plaine Saint Denis area regeneration. Today, the Paris/Île-de-France region needs to think its future through shared metropolitan development projects, capable of meeting major challenges such as reducing social, environmental, and spatial disparities; anticipating climate and energy changes; developing new jobs, economic and cultural development. These challenges are common to other city regions, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan or Stockholm. They try to meet them by developing ambitious strategies and innovative urban development projects.

On November 22nd and 23rd, 2007, the Urban Planning and Development Agency of Paris Region (IAURIF) organised an international conference in Paris: "What Large Scale Urban Projects in the Paris region? European Experiences".

Its aims: draw lessons from major cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, or Stockholm and open a debate on the role of large scale urban projects as regards to the sustainable development of Paris Region.

This conference attended by 250 experts and representatives from France and abroad followed the publication, in April 2007, of the volume no.146 of Les Cahiers de l’IAURIF on "Large Scale Development Projects: Drivers of Change in City Regions".

Two site visits of urban developments in the inner Paris Region, the Plaine Saint Denis Renaissance and Paris North East Renewal Project and the Paris Rive Gauche Redevelopment, were also organised during the conference to give an insight into the achievements and challenges of current regeneration of strategic areas.
The meeting gave the opportunity for decision-makers, planners, developers and researchers to confront their experiences. The exchange of ideas and expression of different views fueled the debate on the planning strategy and governance of Paris Region.