Portland, a virtuous urban and university ecosystem

Note rapide Economy, no. 653

20 mai 2014ContactLaurent Perrin, Odile Soulard

Portland cultivates its difference in a wide variety of fields such as sustainable urban planning, sports industries and the outdoors. Its universities make an active contribution in this respect through their research and their real estate practices in synergy with metropolitan public transport projects. Nothing spectacular, but all achieved with exemplary intelligence and pragmatism. This Note rapide supplements the Science Cities series of case studies.

This publication is also available in French.


Portland and the Innovative Quadrant in their national and regional contexts- Source: IAU îdF
Marquam Hill campus, an historic part of the OHSU campus © Odile Soulard, IAU îdF
The streetcar runs smartly across the PSU campus (underneath the Urban Center building) © Laurent Perrin, IAU îdF

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