Sharing a know-how

270 missions in 50 major urban areas

IAU île-de-France has realized about 270 missions in 50 major urban areas throughout the world.
Examples of its experience include :

  • diagnosing metropolitan development
  • developing strategic planning documents
  • and transfering techniques for urban management.

In 1960, a government initiative gave rise to the IAU île-de-France in an effort to establish a master plan for the Paris Region. Since 1983, the IAU île-de-France has been affiliated to the Île-de-France Regional Council. With 55 years of experience in the developpment of the metropolis of Paris, it has progressively become involved in a wide range of urban development and planning projects on an international scale.

Key points

Our three key points are :

  • a coordinated expertise capability in most of the fields of planning and development studies, this including technologies such as remote sensing, GIS, etc.
  • an experience ranging from the municipal level to sub-regional, metropolitan and national territories : urban projects, development plans, strategic framework
  • a world-scale list of references in Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa, among which Cairo and Lebanon, Shanghai, Santiago, Morocco and Abidjan are some key points. 

These activities abroad are carried out through contracts and consultancies ordered by foreign national and local authorities, and by french or international bodies (UNDP, IDB, WB...).