Taking safety into account in urban development: challenges and methodology

Note rapide Population and Lifestyles, no. 377

31 janvier 2005ContactCéline Loudier-Malgouyres

How can urban development meet the population's demand for safety and what solutions can be offered to urban development professionals faced with problems of insecurity ?
What alternative ways are there of improving safety to methods that threaten the continuity of the urban fabric and how can one go beyond a purely technical vision of this geared solely to protecting public spaces ? In other words, how can we reconcile urban quality with safety and security ?

After analysing foreign and French experiences, IAU île-de-France here sets out some
topics for discussion and presents a methodology aimed at encouraging and helping those involved in urban development to consider safety as being part of their work.


Encouraging people to become users : ownership of space © Loudier-Malgouyres (C.) IAU îdF
Allow security forces easy access to the spaces whatever their means of transport © Loudier-Malgouyres (C.) IAU îdF
Between public and private space, the limit must be clearly or symbocally marked © Loudier-Malgouyres (C.) IAU îdF
The spaces clearly stand out and lead to appropriate uses © Loudier-Malgouyres (C.) IAU îdF
Generating substantial footfall and activity © Loudier-Malgouyres (C.) IAU îdF